Artist’s Statement

I am fascinated by how language, be it written, spoken, danced, carved, tattooed or painted, if created with knowledge and clarity, can be read on so many levels depending on the knowledge and state of the reader. Superficially it is aesthetic; it can be about specific events, the deeper meaning of those events, the human psyche, and hidden knowledge.  There is also a universal quality to this type of language –it speaks to whoever is willing to listen, and everyone can get at least something from it, and this usually deepens over time. I attempt to tell the human story with my work, using symbols , references, compositions, colours and such that resonate with me, Europe and the Pacific being my two main points of reference.

This stacking and telling through the use of symbolic language is an essential part of being human, present in all cultures in many different forms. Mine is a modest attempt to do this in a contemporary key.