The Unseen Dimension of Creativity

As artists and creators, we often think of ourselves as the curators of our creativity , but there is an ambiguous peripheral area that is truly the source of inspiration, intuition, and even style. It is this in-between space that is alive with creative and spiritual energy, and it is something that we will always access better than technology. However, it is also a space that we do not cultivate at our own peril, as fanaticism and addiction can resonate there, filling the void that is ignored. .

As an artist, I have been chasing this ethereal thing forever, first in traditional cultures that acknowledge and give it proper space, and second, in contemporary culture’s exciting new ideas. The new paradigms of the contemporary world are flexible and multi-dimensional, despite being assailed by social, political, and economic models that are not.

We have thrust increasingly sophisticated technology into the hands of the new generations who are therefore obligated to move against old models. They are relentlessly creating new ways of thinking, communicating, and interacting. In many ways, the solutions resemble traditional cultural solutions with their fluidity and multi-dimensionality. It is a return to humanity, to spirituality, aided by technology.

As we move forward, it is important to remember the importance of the unseen dimension in our creative and spiritual lives. It is a space that we should give proper attention and respect, as it holds the keys to our true potential as human beings. Through embracing this dimension, we can find true fulfillment and purpose in our lives, aided by the technology that surrounds us.